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Splicers Supra
Splicer A Splicer B Black (00)

The Splicers Supra® is essentially a test set without a dial pad.

The Splicer Test headsets can be used for voice communication, signal monitoring, and tone identification. The Splicers Supra® lightweight headset (Model 51208, WTS-Splicer-A) features high-voltage protection, flexible cord for cold weather conditions, detachable PJ051 plug, and dual alligator clips. Cord with alligator clips for “banana style probes” is also available (Model 51236, WTS-Splicer-B). The Splicers Supra® Headset offers comfort during extended wear and is exceptionally dependable. Superior performance is achieved through controlled side-tone and transmit level over a wide range of loop lengths.

Features Include:

  • Volume control up to 10 dB
  • Voice tube technology
  • Seperate receiver for each ear; one for talk mode, one for use in tone identification or monitor mode
  • Noise canceling available as optional feature (WS-2461)
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