About Walker Handsets

At Clarity, we know you expect quality products, dependable service, and superior product support. Our Customer Care Representatives give you prompt, accurate answers and courteous, friendly service. Our investment in hands-on training with all products makes them problem solvers, not just order takers. In addition, our staff is available for technical support, compatibility issues, and other information. Remember, our support does not end when we ship the order.

Clarity sells through telecommunications distributors worldwide. We are happy to work with your current distributor or can refer you to a distributor who will best care for your telecommunications needs.

Clarity takes pride in the ability to build a product suited for any system. Whether you require an amplifier, a noise-canceling transmitter, or complex switch functions, Clarity can build it to match your unique system specifications. The 1-800-HANDSET phone number puts you in touch with trained Customer Care Representatives and Technical Support personnel who provide product information, making ordering easy, while satisfying your on-going needs ...
again and again.

Clarity is a leader not only in custom handsets, but compatibility issues. If you have questions regarding compatibility, visit us at www.handset.com or call 1-800-HANDSET for personal assistance. Compatibility is necessary in power requirements, wiring needs, and mechanical fit.

Quality Products
Clarity is confident in our manufacturing expertise and testing procedures, so we offer a full, one-year limited warranty on all our products; repair or replacement is always prompt. Our Service Department personnel are dependable, well-trained, and have a reputation for quick, reliable warranty repair. You will be 100% satisfied — a promise we have kept for 35 plus years. The Clarity handset and test set lines are registered with and approved by the Federal Communications Commission and meet UL requirements.


Walker Handsets by Clarity